New season of Bizarre Foods starts tomorrow

Tomorrow night on the Travel Channel at 10 p.m. EST, in a new season of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern will once again slurp, crunch and chomp on various dishes from around the world that might be real stomach turners for some people. Zimmern seems particularly fond of various innards and testicles.

As I’ve posted before, the only thing I have ever seen Zimmern spit out is durian. Although there is an ick factor in the show’s formula, mostly I find each episode highly informative and interesting. My favorite episode from last season was Zimmern’s trip to Bolivia, a country that I did not know much about beforehand.

Tomorrow night the focus is on Phuket, Thailand. Since Thai food is truly spectacular, I’m curious to find out about the bizarre foods Zimmern downs, and what cultural tidbits and sights the show has chosen to highlight.

I’ve been to Thailand a few times, but never to Phuket which is a popular travel junket from Singapore. I know it as a place filled with resorts frequented by expats and a slew of other tourists. It will be interesting to see what Zimmern has discovered. I bet seafood will fit into the equation and possibly insects.