Daily Deal – Flip Ultra 60 minute digital camcorder (pink) for $124

My daily deal for today is for the Flip Ultra 60 minute digital camcorder. This pocket video camera has an internal memory card, with enough storage for 60 minutes of your antics. The camera features a nifty pop-out USB connector, so you do not need to carry any cables.

The camera starts up in about 3 seconds, and is instantly ready to record. Thanks to its AA batteries, you do not have to worry about expensive camcorder rechargeable batteries, plus you’ll be able to pick up new batteries almost anywhere.

The camera comes complete with a set of new batteries, a TV video cable, a carrying pouch and a wrist strap.

The retail price for the Flip Ultra is $149.99, but you can pick one up the pink version through Amazon for just $124. If pink isn’t “your thing”, you’ll still be able to pick up a more masculine color, but you will end up paying a few dollars more.

The quality of the video off the Flip camera is surprisingly decent, it won’t win you an Oscar, but it is a great affordable way to capture your memories on a vacation. The camera software also makes it easy to instantly upload your recordings to popular video sharing sites like Youtube and if you are not very computer savvy, you can even bring the camera to a local Flip retailer and have the recordings stored on a DVD.