Get a free ticket to a Disney theme park in 2009: Happy Birthday to you

If you head to Disneyland or Disney World on your birthday in 2009, you can get in for free. That is a sweet present indeed. What’s the rub?

There isn’t one from what I can tell after reading the rules. There aren’t any hidden tricks.

To get the ticket, register your birthday on-line and a confirmation message will be sent. Then, show up on your birthday with the confirmation message, a proof of your birth date and a valid ID, and you’re in. It’s that simple.

The confirmation message will be sent two weeks before your birthday. You can register now, even if your birthday is December 31, 2009.

There are a couple of points note. If you have a multiple-day ticket already, or are a season pass holder, the one day ticket doesn’t make sense. Therefore, you’ll be given some other birthday treat, and it’s not shabby. One choice is a birthday fun card for merchandise and activities equal in value to the day admission.

For more details-like exactly what you need as proof of your birth date, click here. If the ticket is for a child, you’ll need the child’s birth certificate. Keep in mind, kids under three years-old get in Disney parks for free anyway. Also, you can upgrade the ticket.

Although scoring a ticket so easily might seem odd, consider this. Who goes to Disney World or Disneyland all by his or her lonesome? Give away one ticket and at least one will get sold–probably more. With the growing trend to go on celebration vacations, Disney is making it easy. A theme park also fits a multiple age category where everyone is happy.

Here’s another point. Let’s say you live in Iowa, and your birthday is in the middle of the week in October and you’re still in school, or you have kids who are. No Disneyland for you. No Disney World–not for free. But, if you’re birthday fits into weekend, why not go for it?