The most amazing bed-time view in Finland

The Hotel Kakslauttanen is in Saariselka, Finland, a small town in the far north of this already northern country. From your guestroom, you can turn off the lights and take in the aurora borealis from your bed. This, quite simply, is an experience you won’t find anything else.

Glass igloos take the place of traditional guestrooms at the Hotel Katslauttanen. A small room, encased in transparency, comes with a small bedroom, and the main attraction is above. There are 20 of these spaces in the hotel built by Jussi Eiramo, designed specifically to take in the Northern Lights.

If you plan to soak in the arctic sky up in Saariselka, remember that there isn’t a lot of sunlight every year. In fact, January brings four hours of dusk, and that’s about it. Some guests have trouble finding their igloos, which would be comical if not for the cold. The management is ready for this challenge, offering flashlights to guests that overshoot their rooms.

A night will set you back $370, but you need to plan for some time in a traditional space, as well. The igloos have great views, but lack showers.

[Via NY Times]