Mile high club has new hero

Joining the mile-high club is bold … doing it in the crew rest area is beyond praiseworthy. Rather than punishment, awards should be given. But, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific takes a different view. The airline is investigating this unorthodox use of a Boeing 777, and I’m rooting for the good guys.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a couple was found coupling in first class seats that fold out into beds (hell, what else would you do with them?). Either to offer some privacy or enjoy a private show, the frolickers were invited into the crew area to finish what they had started.

Had they called it quits after the romp, future passengers may have enjoyed the same treatment. But, there’s always someone to ruin it for the rest of us.

The passenger, who is an American doctor in his 20s, used the internet for its intended purpose: he posted pictures of himself proving that he left the skies a bit friendlier than he found them. Boredom drove him to stretch the rules, and it’s pretty clear that a lust for fame led to his 15 minutes on the internet. The encounter was aided by a crew member, “Alvin,” who the passenger knew.

I guess you could say it was an “inside job.”