Gadlinks for Wednesday 8.19.09

Hello from San Bartolo, Peru! The weather here is, well, misty/foggy/cold and the ocean outside my window (though pretty) is less than inviting today. So what have I been reading to pass the time? Here’s a little taste:

  • On the flight to Lima, I watched an episode of “Nature’s Great Events” about the Great Migration and was shocked by the lions’ hunting struggle during the dry season in the Serengeti. Then, reading this sad news that the lions of Kenya may be totally wiped out in 20 years makes travel to the region even more important. [via Reuters]
  • Antarctica may be a cool travel destination, but its precarious state due to climate change and increased travel to the area may force more measures to limit tourism down south — and that’s probably a good thing. [via TreeHugger]
  • This guys is nuts! Daniel Seddiqui intends to take on 50 jobs in the 50 states — all in 50 weeks. It could be interesting cultural study, but that’s a whole lot of traveling and probably a huge waste of time. Nevertheless, check out his interview. [via PeterGreenberg]
  • Talk about leaving your loved one behind when you travel! This video shows us just how important it is to communicate with loved ones while on the road. [via WorldHum]

‘Til tomorrow (pray for surf!), have a great evening!

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