Kayaking Venice

Venice, Italy is one of the most popular and romantic cities in all of Europe. Famously built on a series of small islands along the Venetian Lagoon, just off the Adriatic Sea, travelers flock to the city to stroll its floating walkways and take gondola rides through the watery streets.

This is the typical way that tourists explore the city, which has a rich and varied history dating back 1500 years. But a recent article from the British newspaper The Guardian suggests a different way to see the sights in Venice, namely from the cockpit of a kayak. This alternative approach to exploring the Italian city’s waterways offers more freedom and flexibility for paddling where ever you want to go, and allows you to visit parts of the city that you might not normally see.

Adventurous travelers may take to the water on their own, and kayak throughout the city, but The Guardian recommends that you go with a guide service which can help you navigate the maze of water ways and lead you to the top destinations in Venice. You’ll find tours lasting a few hours or a few days, depending on what you’re looking for, and you’ll be able to do it at a fraction of the cost of a gondola ride. Piloting your own kayak also allows you to linger in the top spots for photo opportunities and to take in more of the flavor of the city, something you can’t do as easily in the traditional approaches to exploring the place.

Obviously kayaking through Venice isn’t for everyone, but for those looking for a different perspective on the historical city, it is a fun, active, and adventurous alternative.