North Korea to Americans: come on over!

The good news has been confirmed: North Korea is opening its doors to Americans all year long. The Korea International Travel Company revealed the new policy to Asia Pacific Travel Ltd, which is a departure from the standard that had existed since 2005. For the past five years, Americans have only been able to travel to North Korea during the Arirang festival in August and September. Still being considered, however, is whether the five-day limit on travel will be lifted, as well as whether Americans will be able to enter the country by train.

Given the new flexibility, Asia Pacific Travel is planning some new and expanded itineraries (available here). Says Walter L. Keats, CTC, CMP, the company’s president, “Asia Pacific Travel tours for 2010 will offer a different and more extensive mix of long and short-stay study tours, from April through October.” Asia Pacific Travel is the only American tour operator that is recognized officially by the North Korean government with a “Letter of Commission.”