Blogger Jason Heflin

Introducing another new blogger at Gadling, Jason Heflin. . .

Where was your photo taken: The Wedge/Little Grand Canyon, Utah

Where do you live now: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Scariest airline flown: I once flew a short commuter flight from Tanzania to Kenya. The baggage attendants at the gate tried to hustle my travel party for bogus extra baggage fees. The conversation got a bit heated and since the machine gun-toting guards at the door seemed to be friendly with the baggage workers we negotiated a rate that satisfied all parties. Yes, the bags did make it to our destination.

Favorite City/Country/Place: My favorite spot would be Interlaken Switzerland, hands down.

Most remote corner of the globe visited: One of the most remote experiences I had was hiking the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu. Camping deep in the Andes is a real treat. The milky way looked as if it were painted across the sky with thick white paint.

Favorite guidebook series: I always go with Lonely Planet. They haven’t let me down yet.

Connected or disconnected (re: phones, computer): Reluctantly connected. My iphone, laptop, and a handful of other gadgets always accompany me on every trip.

First culture shock experience: I took a summer class in Ireland my senior year in college. It was my first international trip, the first time I had spent over two hours on a plane, and my first experience with the still unmatched Irish pub scene.

Worst place to catch a stomach bug? I’m sure there are worse places, but I once got Salmonella in the Dominican Republic. When I saw the local hospital had a gravel parking lot with chickens pecking the ground I opted to fight it out in the hotel room with a bag of fluids and a lot of prayer.

The most unusual food I’ve ever eaten is… Zebra. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.