Cathay Pacific donates travel package to Los Angeles music charity

In celebration of Cathay Pacific Airways’ 20 years of nonstop flights between Hong Kong and the United States, the airline is awarding an Anniversary Giveaway package to Education Through Music – Los Angeles. The prize: 200,000 Asia Miles, a Business Class dinner for 20 volunteers, and $2,000 in cash.

Charities from throughout the greater Los Angeles area were invited to participate in the “Giveaway” by submitting something creative that shared how they could benefit from receiving a Volunteer of the Year Hong Kong air and hotel package. Education Through Music took home the prize after submitting a DVD presentation for the judges that included how the giveaway would benefit the organization, and creating an airline poster that inspired children to ‘soar to new heights’.

Education Through Music – Los Angeles provides quality in-school music education to support both creative and academic achievement. Through its programs, children become more proficient in music and work to boost their academic skills, as well as focus on self-esteem and self-motivation.

Cathay Pacific Airways launched nonstop flights from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on July 1, 1990.