Tea-leaf picking: Summer fun in North Korea

If you can get into North Korea … and if you can manage to set your own itinerary … visit the Kangryong Unjong Tea Plantation of the DPRK (i.e., Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). It’s tea-leaf picking season, and now’s the time to get in on the action, in theory, at least. In fact, notes the Korea Central News Agency, “The tea leaves picking is at its height in the plantation.” Great news!

I’m not sure how this activity works, but I’m guessing it bears at least some resemblance to apple-picking in New England, though with a hell of a lot more repression oversight.

Act now, because you won’t be the only person picking tea leaves. The KCNA reports: “The workers there are harvesting tea leaves every day much more than their daily plan while drying them in good time by operating the drying facilities in full capacity.” Hurry up, before all the leaves are gone!

[photo by giladr via Flickr]