Harrah’s, Caesars Palace create personalized trips for guests

Las Vegas is sinfully decadent in all the right places, but if you don’t know where to go or how to get your name on “the” list, you’re out of luck. News from The Strip is that Harrah’s and Caesars Palace have launched a service to fix all that. Catering to every need of bachelors, bachelorettes, divorcees, just-turned-30/40/50-mid-life crisis travelers, corporate executives, Kardashian wanna-bes and just about any other personality that visits Las Vegas, Harrah’s and Caesars Palace announce their new concierge trip planning service.

“Total Experiences” is a new, complimentary program created by Harrah’s to provide trip planning services and insider access to groups of leisure travelers staying at Harrah’s resorts in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and beyond.

Veronica Smiley of Harrah’s Entertainment is spearheading the new program and tells me it’s the ultimate planning option for all travelers.

“Each group of travelers is connected with their own Total Experiences Specialist, who handles all details of the group’s itinerary both before and during their stay, including creating VIP experiences for those guests who may not be high-rollers,” said Smiley.

The specialist can pull together everything from golf outings to private tables at the hottest clubs, depending on the guests’ needs.

“This is a complimentary service where guests pay for only what they book; the more the group adds to their itinerary, the greater the access and upgrades their Specialist can offer.” So, what has Smiley produced?You say you want to recreate “The Hangover” with your buddies (sans Mike Tyson’s tiger)? No problem. Smiley and her team can book you the “Hangover Suite” at Caesars Palace and plan a full guys night out with all the perks including tickets to see the Pussycat Dolls and a private gaming table in the Pussycat Dolls lounge, VIP passes to PURE nightclub and gaming lessons, if necessary.

Girls need a little getaway? Take a group cooking lesson with a Michelin-star chef and get backstage to meet-and-greet with Cher after her concert. Want a personal shopping tour of Caesar’s and some behind-the-scenes looks at the top jewels in Sin City? Not a problem, according to Smiley.

“We look at our portfolio of activities and make some recommendations for the guests based on what they’re looking for. We’ll find something for every budget and type of traveler.”

Here’s how it works: You and a group need to book at least five rooms and the concierge services are free. Tell your specialist what you’re interested in, your budget and whether you want to go wild and crazy or just focus on winnings. Your specialist will create a package and you’re off to Las Vegas. Smiley says the service does get discounts for group bookings but guests don’t pay an additional fee for using this service.

“You pay for what you book; you can get as much or as little as you want,” said Smiley. “Our only motivation is to create a whole new set of loyal customers.”

No more waiting in lines at nightclubs or begging bouncers to let you backstage at the Barry Manilow concert.