Disney World unveils luxury pet resort

Forget the dog house – soon you’ll find Pluto and his friends living the luxe life at the new Best Friends Pet Resort, a Disney World hotel designed exclusively for pets.

Reports show the resort boasts 50,000 square feet of space (almost half of which is outdoors) and can lodge 270 dogs, 30 cats and various other animals including birds, pigs (yes, pigs) and hamsters. Sorry, no turtles, snakes or lizards allowed.

The room rate starts at $39 for dogs, but that’s just for the basics. If your pet is used to living in style, the Disney Best Friends Pet Resort won’t disappoint. You can upgrade your pets’ stay with playgroups, movie time, private play areas and reading groups (that’s right, reading groups). For the ultimate pet pampering, splurge and reserve the 226-square foot suite with private outdoor play areas.

Best Friends Pet Resort will replace the five kennels existing around the Disney area and plans to open on Aug. 27, according to the Associated Press.