Top 10 things Gadling readers always forget to pack

Hard to know what you forgot ...Don’t you feel silly when you forget to pack something obvious? Well, there’s no need to. It’s evidently a species-wide problem: intelligent, gainfully employed and generally responsible people just can’t seem to get it together when packing. Our brains were clearly not designed for this type of “everything I need goes in a little box” situation.

We asked our readers on Facebook what they always forget to pack and got a response that made us smile in commiseration: a slew of really obvious things, most of which we’ve forgotten ourselves at some point. Read and enjoy our Top 10 favorites; you’re likely to recognize your own folly in there somewhere.

Top 10 things Gadling readers always forget to pack

1. “Toothpaste or a toothbrush. Apparently, dental hygiene is not as important to me as my tech gear.” — Amber

2. “Deodorant. ALWAYS. I have bought deodorant in about 20 different countries.” — Andrew

3. “Socks.” — Susan

4. “Toothbrush and one shoe.” — Jamie

5. “My phone charger!” — Mari

6. “I’ve had to buy a comb and round brush multiple times this year — I either forget to take them with me, or forget to bring them home. Good thing I have short hair and can get away with finger combing for single night stays!” — Kristen

7. “Contact solution.” — Aimet

8. “My cord to download pics from my camera!” –Amy

9. “My razor.” — Elva (Runner up: “fingernail clippers” by Lisa.)

10. “Bottle of whiskey.” — Justin (Thumbs up to Justin for identifying an underacknowledged essential.)

See? You’re not the only one who can’t remember to pack anything!

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[Photo by Foxtongue via Flickr.]