Travel+Leisure names the world’s scariest bridges

Anyone reading this article that suffers from Gephyrophobia may want to find something else to read. And yes – Gephyrophobia is a real phobia, defined as an abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges.

Travel+Leisure compiled a list of the scariest bridges in the world – adding locations from some unexpected locations. Eight of the bridge structures are in North America – and includes the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan – which earned a spot on the list because of the extremely high winds crossing the strait.

Of course, some of the bridges in the lineup really deserve a spot – like the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada, where pedestrians cross a 120 year old bridge that is suspended 230 feet over the valley.

Others in the list are just downright freaky, like the monkey bridges in Vietnam or the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan – one does not have to suffer from fear of bridges to be scared of the mere thought of crossing these.

At least when you have finished walking those bridges, you’ll be at the other side – unlike the famous El Caminito Del Rey in Spain where you pass over bridges, narrow walkways and parts that have completely crumbled into the deep gorge, forcing you to hold on to the rock wall.

For the entire list of world’s scariest bridges, head on over to Travel+Leisure, just don’t say I didn’t warn you about how scary some of these structures are!


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