Dragon Go! app adds Expedia support

The Dragon Go! app now includes ExpediaNuance’s popular Dragon Go! app, which is available on both iOS and Android, received a major update earlier this week that is sure to be a hit with travelers. The software, which has been accepting voice commands long before Siri graced us with her presence, now offers support for Expedia, giving us the ability to book flights and find hotels, simply by asking.

Dragon Go! has been around for a couple of years now, and over time, Nuance has continued to add new content providers to the app. With the inclusion of Expedia, travelers can now simply say things like “Show me available flights between Los Angeles and New York in April,” and the software will present a list of options that will include flight schedules and pricing. There is even a link to the Expedia’s website, allowing users to book the flight directly from their phone. The voice search options also allow travelers to search for hotels near their current location and find reviews on destination resorts as well.

Dragon Go! can do a lot more than that however, as the app also allows travelers to get weather reports on their destination, play music for the trip, and look up movie times at the local theater. It helps users find the best restaurants or shops in their area, and even shares their travel experiences on Twitter.

Best of all, the app remains completely free and is available to download in both the iOS and Android app stores.