Baby On Board Skateboard Released

A skateboard company has taken the concept of ‘baby on board’ to a new level. According to a press release we received, Gr8Sk8 Parents have released a skateboard that we find questionable. The skateboard, designed for parents, operates just as a traditional skateboard would, except a built-in bucket-like baby seat is situated in the middle of the skateboard. Parents find assurance in the placement of the baby seat.

“Noah’s always right between my legs while I’m skating. I feel safe and I think he does, too”, said a Boulder, Colorado mom earlier this week when asked about the newest Gr8Sk8 release.

The baby seat is equipped with a sturdy fastening system, but some still have their doubts. Should the skateboard fall out from the skater’s feet and send the board straight into traffic, what about the baby? Needless to say, we still have some questions over here at Gadling about the board. But should the board prove useful and popular enough, prepare to travel with your young one in an entirely new way. Imagine exploring a brand new city’s twisting alley ways via skateboard without having to leave your baby behind. The future is now.

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