California Adventure Travel Company Known For Historic Reenactment Tours Debuts ‘Donner Party’ Trek

U.S. history buffs have a new “must-do” to add to their Bucket List. Lake Tahoe-based outdoor travel company Dark Horizon Adventures will debut its weeklong, “Following in the Footsteps of the Donner Party” trek in December.

Known for its extreme international trips based upon authentic recreations of historic events, Dark Horizon’s most popular adventures include the “Heart of Darkness Congo Survivalist School,” “Mexican Cartel Underground Highway Trek” and “Staying Alive in the Andes,” as well as voluntourism programs such as “Everest Cadaver Clean-up.” Due to demand, the company is now focusing on select domestic trips as well.

The Donner Party excursion will enable participants to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Sierras in a blizzard (trip dates are pending weather service bulletins). For maximum authenticity you’ll forgo your high-tech performance layers for vintage woolens and cotton; boil your own water; and fast for the duration of the trip until the final evening farewell dinner, which features a “locally-sourced meal from sustainable sources.”

Look for more domestic trips in 2013, including “Exploring Alfred Packer’s Rockies” and “Into the Wild with Alexander Supertramp.”

[Photo credit: Flickr user delphwynd]