Over-The-Top Valentine’s Day Travel Packages: Day 2

royal palmsIn case you haven’t heard, we’re counting down to Valentine’s Day here at Gadling by tracking some of the craziest and best over-the-top romantic travel experiences available. Today’s package comes from Arizona’s Royal Palms, where The Desert Romance Package is part of the property’s “ROMANTICATION©” offerings. You know when a property starts copyrighting words that things are getting REAL.

Priced at $7,500, the two-night package includes Villa accommodations, which already makes it a bit more luxurious than most of the one night offerings we’ve been seeing.

Guests enjoy a welcome amenity (read: signature hotel swag) of a coffee table book, Neroli products, candles and champers, two 80-minute couples (or individual, if you prefer) spa treatments, a private seaplane tour/ flight and a private four-course meal prepared just for you with a special menu from the hotel’s Executive Chef.

Guests can also choose an additional “private romantic excursion” like hiking, horseback riding or stand-up paddleboarding.

Additional nights start at $1,000, plus taxes and fees.

Think this isn’t over-the-top enough? Check out yesterday’s coverage and stay tuned for eight more days of fun … our final package is worth nearly half a million dollars!

[Image credit: Royal Palms]