Abandoned Igloo Hotel Goes Up For Sale

It’s not a real estate listing you see everyday: a half-finished igloo in the Alaskan wilderness is on the market.

The four-story, dome-shaped structure was originally envisaged as a hotel, but it has sat half-finished and abandoned (save for the odd vandal) for nearly 40 years.

Dubbed “Igloo City” by locals, the building has fascinated passersby, but was never completed because of problems with the original construction and a lack of funds.So what’s the price for this rare piece of real estate? The owner says he’ll hear out any serious offers, just as long as the buyer is willing to put in the hard yards to get the igloo up and running as a hotel.

However, getting the building into shape is probably only the first part of the challenge for its new owner. Finding guests for the hotel might be quite the task too – the igloo is located along a remote highway 180 miles north of Anchorage, and the nearest town is home to a little over 200 residents.

Check out pictures of the igloo hotel below.


[Photo credit: Allison Barden]