#OnTheRoad On Instagram: Gadling Takes Instagram To Maui

Gadling’s Instagram feed is going to get a lot more Hawaiian this week, as I’m moving the Gadling lens from the snowy confines of the Alhambra in southern Spain to the sunny shores of Maui, Hawaii.

Though one could argue that Maui is a scenic place to photograph during all months of the year, March is a particularly scenic time on the Valley Isle since this also happens to be the peak of whale season.

Stay tuned over the next seven days as we take you behind waterfalls, stroll down sandy beaches, head to the water in search of humpbacks and while away days beneath the shade of a palm.

So where ever you may be, if the weather outside is looking more winter than summer, grab some coconut oil, put on your favorite Oren Masserman tune, and tap into the Instagram feed @GadlingTravel for some virtual Hawaiian warmth.

Want to get in on the action? Mention @GadlingTravel in your own photo AND use the hashtag #gadling, and your photo will be considered for our Gadling Photo Of The Day.

[Photo Credit: @SailTrilogy on Instagram]