American Airlines updates fleets with new Boeing 737s

With the oldest fleet in the American workforce, it was about time that American Airlines got aggressive with updating their aircraft. This year they’re starting the revamp with delivery of new Boeing 737-800s.

While the 737-800 airframe has been around for ten years now, American is making sure to include all of the modcons to keep passengers happy. Among those tidbits will be new, numerous overhead screens that pump better, streamlined videos, in-seat power in coach and Aircell augmentation — meaning wireless internet will eventually be available on all new aircraft.

These new deliveries will be a fresh breath of air compared against the current, ancient fleet that American flies today. While it’s an impressive accomplishment to keep such an outdated fleet operational, at some point, a new generation of aircraft needs to take hold.

Deliveries of the 737-800 aircraft started this month and will continue throughout the next couple of years. Keep an eye out for the new aircraft, interiors and service. You’ll be impressed.