Combining Vacations with Marathons

I gotta tell ya:  when it comes to vacationing, often the last thing I want to do is move.  Oh, I like the occasional hike in Santa Fe, window shopping in Paris, or diving off the coast of Cayman, but other than that?  You’ll most likely find me lying on the beach somewhere.  With a beverage. With one of those little paper umbrellas.

I do know that someone, somewhere, disagrees with me on this point, and for the person whose idea of relaxation includes running a marathon (lunatic), this book’s for you: is reviewing a new book called “The Traveling Marathoner.”  The chapters of the book feature twelve marathons around the United States (one for each month of the year), and also provides details like how to register for each marathon, as well as places to stay and eat in each location, and what else there is to do… besides train, that is.

If you’re a runner, you might want to pick this book up.  But listen, if you happen to end up running somewhere where I happen to be vacationing, do me a favour, and don’t run too close to me.

You might blow the paper umbrella out of my drink.