Video Of The Day: St. Vincent Tour Video

I was leisurely watching this St. Vincent tour video while having my coffee this morning, but once it came to an end, I had to watch it again. St. Vincent‘s touring drummer, Brooklyn-based Matt Johnson, is a wise man. After 20 years of touring, this guy has some golden advice on touring, traveling and how to deal with it all and, better yet, grow from it. Everyone can take notes from him, but his words are especially relevant to travelers who enjoy a good, long, hard journey – like a tour.

Matt Johnson:

“It’s a very humble way to live. You live without many possessions. You live without many of the comforts that other people either do or don’t take for granted. I remember when I first started touring I would get quite homesick. Today, I feel like I am better at finding my home wherever I am. You can be so lonely living your life where you never go outside of five miles of where you live. For me, traveling all the time doesn’t mean that you get to experience something new all the time. It means that you get to experience your same old self with some different outer stuff around you. And so for me, reaching out and learning the stories of where I’m going as best as I can helps me to form a picture of the world that is more accurate. I don’t know. It’s more fun. It’s beautiful.”

Daily Pampering: St. Vincent’s first luxury resort is over the top

Buccament Bay Resort
Welcome to the all-new Buccament Bay Resort, the first 5-star luxury resort in St. Vincent. Here, you will find he Caribbean’s first-ever Trader Vic’s, the Liverpool Football Club Soccer School, Pat Cash Tennis Academy, Harlequin Fitness Centre and Diving & Water Sports Centre, the Harlequin Performing Arts Academy, the Island Sanctuary Spa and the Little Harlequins Kids Club, along with several other bars and restaurants and a private marina. Just try to get bored. I dare you.

The 368-room resort is the first venture from new high end resort group Harlequin Hotels & Resorts. They aptly claim to be “positioned to redefine tourism on the island,” and will employ over 700 locals. Though each amenity is more impressive than the last, this veritable playground for the elite also has fabulous rooms, designed by Dallas-based interior design firm Jones Bakerwith no expense spared. Features include tropical hardwoods, natural stone, custom bedding, luxurious baths with rain showers, custom lighting and private terraces, as well as the latest in technology (of course).

If you’d like to be among the first to experience Buccament Bay Resort, click here for more information.

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Petit St Vincent: real, remote, relaxing

Who doesn’t love the thought of spending a few days on a private island? Petit St Vincent Resort occupies a mere 113 acres in the Caribbean Sea and is isolated enough to keep the stress and headaches of the real world from encroaching on your getaway. They can’t even arrive by plane – the island doesn’t have an airstrip. So, land on Union Island and step onto a boat operated by the resort’s staff. Don’t worry; the anxieties chasing you won’t be allowed to board.

They can’t call either – or show up on the evening news. The Petit St Vincent resort has neither televisions nor telephones in the 22 cottages scattered across the island.

Family owned, it ensures a high-touch experience that focuses on your comfort rater than dazzling you with pretense or glitz. Commit yourself to relaxing with meals in the cottage or dining pavilion. If you’re in the mood, head out to the beach for a yoga class, or do some SCUBA diving or snorkeling, which can be arranged by the staff.

More than anything else, make your time on Petit St Vincent your own – nothing else will be able to get in the way.