Video Of The Day: St. Vincent Tour Video

I was leisurely watching this St. Vincent tour video while having my coffee this morning, but once it came to an end, I had to watch it again. St. Vincent‘s touring drummer, Brooklyn-based Matt Johnson, is a wise man. After 20 years of touring, this guy has some golden advice on touring, traveling and how to deal with it all and, better yet, grow from it. Everyone can take notes from him, but his words are especially relevant to travelers who enjoy a good, long, hard journey – like a tour.

Matt Johnson:

“It’s a very humble way to live. You live without many possessions. You live without many of the comforts that other people either do or don’t take for granted. I remember when I first started touring I would get quite homesick. Today, I feel like I am better at finding my home wherever I am. You can be so lonely living your life where you never go outside of five miles of where you live. For me, traveling all the time doesn’t mean that you get to experience something new all the time. It means that you get to experience your same old self with some different outer stuff around you. And so for me, reaching out and learning the stories of where I’m going as best as I can helps me to form a picture of the world that is more accurate. I don’t know. It’s more fun. It’s beautiful.”