First Virgin Hotel to open in New Mexico

virgin hotelWe expected something a little more glamorous from the Virgin crew, but our friends at HotelChatter report that Sir Richard Branson’s first hotel will open in New Mexico. Seems the voyageur needs a little place to sleep before lifting off to orbit from Virgin Galactic Spaceport headquarters (located in New Mexico).

The good news is that there’s more coming. Branson told HotelChatter that San Francisco and Washington DC are still top targets for Virgin Hotels. Here at Gadling, we’re pretty confident we’ll see a few Virgin Hotels pop up in Chicago and New York, and even across the pond in London. *When* seems to be the multi-billion dollar question.

As for what you can expect from the hotels? Mums the word for now, but we know that each hotel will be “unique” and of “interesting, authentic and high quality” design. And, we’re quite sure there will be something special for guests when they check-in, not unlike the unique service one gets flying with the Virgin crew.

Virgin Hotels? Sir Richard Branson’s newest project gives travelers a ‘suite’ escape

Nothing is out of reach for Virgin-founder Sir Richard Branson. On yesterday’s inaugural flight from Los Angeles to Toronto, Branson dished on all things Virgin, including the upcoming ‘rumored’ Virgin Hotels.

Our friends at report that Branson is close to making an announcement about Virgin Hotels, a new luxury hotel option for travelers that will likely compete with top players in the boutique market. Branson was pretty vague about the Virgin Hotel concept, and wouldn’t give any information on when or where the first hotel will launch, but he did say the announcement will be soon.

While we wait with bated breath to uncover this secret location, we’re pretty certain on one thing: like everything Branson does, the Virgin Hotels are sure to make a statement!

We want to know: What would you expect to see inside a Virgin Hotel?