Humor travel writers

Still stuck on the travel writing theme, I was rooting around the Lonely Planet site and came upon
their search for humorous travel writing. So
if you’ve got an unfinished story that’s been sitting on your hard drive waiting to be finished and sent off for
publication, now may be the time to tighten it up and send it off.  You know the one I’m talking about: you
were on that bus in Peru, and the angry drunk guy sat next to you and was pawing at your backpack so you
bitch-slapped him into the 17th century only to find out he was the owner of the hostel you were staying at in the next
town…or is that just me? Anyway, here’s what they’re looking for: is looking for humourous stories of exceptionally high literary quality that illustrate this
theme. We are especially interested in stories that fall under one of four themes: Food, People, Accommodation and
Transportation. But if you have a wonderfully funny story that doesn’t fall neatly under any of these, we also have a
fifth category – Miscellaneous – created just for you