Ever Wonder About the Wonders?

My buddy and I were discussing the Wonders of the World when we were in India
a few weeks ago, and we spent a while trying to name them all, or at least all the man-made ones. We got pretty far,
but then came up short (who knew the Statue of Liberty was a Wonder?). We also got a few wrong (I was sure the Golden
Gate Bridge was one). Now, thankfully, the Chicago Trib has put together this handy guide to the Wonders…although it’s their guide, but still
quite good. They’ve broken them out in severa lcategories. The ones done by man, the natural wonders…all are
accompanied by solid stories and great photos. On my life list is the goal to see all of these some day. I’ve nailed
just a few so far (I was at the Taj in July. Man, it is sweet.