Falling for Fall

With one of the best summers on record now over, what do we have to look forward to? One
word: fall! Which in the Northeast and elsewhere means the explosion of blaring reds, oranges and yellows that
heralds our second best season. But have you ever wondered why the leaves change?
Nat Geo has a
succinct piece
explaining some of the science behind changing fall color. Short answer: sorry, it’s not the color
fairy. It’s chemicals.

Where to go? If you live in New England, where the colors tend to be very vivid, there are several sites to check out and vary
depending on whether you are from VermontNew York, New
, or Massachusetts. One thing: chances are, if
you’re far north, you’ve already missed peak. But there is still plenty of time to catch the colors in lower

The Weather Channel
also has a very nice update on all the foliage with pictures and maps as well.
Check this
site out
if you’re making plans.