Navigating the Mahoosuc Notch

A nice article on hiking the
Appalachian Trail, with a
focus on the difficlties of Maine’s Mahoosuc Notch, a notoriously difficult stretch of the trail. What is the
Notch you ask?:

Mahoosuc Notch is a narrow gorge between Fulling Mill and Mahoosuc mountains. The trail travels through a
boulder-filled obstacle course that hikers scramble over, squeeze between and slide down. In several places the
jumble of boulders creates caves where hikers must crawl on hands and knees, removing backpacks to squeeze through
narrow passageways.

I’ve never been on the trail that far north, but I’d love to get up there. Ever since reading Bill Bryson’s
A Walk in the Woods, I’ve had a
desire to do the whole damn thing. Sadly, such will likely have to wait until spring.