New National Parks

We can never have enough national parks in the country. Yes, I am
giving away to some extent my political leanings, but if I had my way, we’d preserve a great deal more of this
country’s public lands for, well, the public. No desire to make this a screed, so I’ll stick with the facts, and
beautiful facts they are:
Congress passed and sent the
a bill to establish the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in Oregon and Washington state. Woo hoo!
What a great idea.

The bill would expand and rename Fort Clatsop National Memorial in Oregon in honor of explorers Meriwether Lewis
and William Clark. The measure also would add three sites along the lower Columbia River, bringing the park for the
first time into Washington state.

This is one of the loveliest parts of the country, and a swell idea to go ahead and do this.  It is worth
mentioning that the proposal did come from the Bush administration, that is, the Department of the Interior, so I guess
you have to give some props to GW for the idea…so long as he signs it!