Rick Steves Classes

Don’t know if he’s your cup of tea, but travel entrepreneur
Rick Steves offers classes in European Travel Skills for
2005. Ahem. Maybe it is your thing, in which case, go to it. Here’s the class description:

On November 13th, Rick Steves just got back from Europe, full of up-to-date tips to help you get the most out of
every travel day and dollar in 2005. In this lively, fact-packed class he’ll help get you started on a trip that’s
thrifty, safe, low on stress and high on fun. You’ll learn how to plan an efficient itinerary (with updates on Rick’s
favorite destinations), get around by car or train, eat and sleep comfortably on a budget, minimize crowds, and
maximize adventure. This class will help you no matter where in Europe you plan to travel!

Dunno. At least you get to go to, um, Edmonds.