Adventure Travel Expo – SF

For those of us who were not fotunate enough to go to SF for the Adventure Travel Expo there a few days ago, there
is this fine dispatch from someone who did. Sounds like
it was a good time. Coupla’ big writers there: Robert Young Pelton (World’s Most Dangerous Places) and Doug Lanksy
(Rough Guides: First Time: Around the World), as well as companies from A to Z. The thing that I think is most key here
is how much this segment of travel is EXPLODING. Really. The companies are now marketing this stuff a little
differently to appeal to a wider audience, calling trips “active holidays” to attract those who might find
“adventure travel” too intimidating or somehow exclusive to the ripped, beautiful people on Survivor. Pretty smart when
you think about it, and evidence to be sure that things are BOOMING.