Hail the Monarch

Fall time in Mexico means that the monarch butterfly, a bug that someone once called a
winged painting (or did I just make that up? Google it and find out) is out in its unusual masses. There is
this one place in Mexico where every year:

“the butterflies funnel into this forested range three hours west of Mexico City. When shorter days in Canada and
the United States signal them, they follow the sun and ride the wind to a place they’ve never been. A place so
remote, that until 1975, only Mexican villagers knew they were there.”

Apparently millions of them gather here, creating some spectacle. So, if a butterfly can beat its wings and cause a
typhoon on the other side of the world…what happens when ten million of them do it? Anyway, if you’re heading down to
Mexico to surf or for other action, this could be an interesting diversion.