WhaleFest 2004

Now here’s an event for you. Coming up soon, too.

OK, it’s going to be very cold, but that’s no excuse! You can go and check out your
favorite cetaceans at this year’s WhaleFest in the beautiful (and small)
Alaskan town of Sitka. The Sitka Whale Fest (and I’ll bet you didn’t know this) is world famous, and attracts sea
mammal fans from all over the world. There will be about a dozen speakers on everything from whale behavior to whale
mating sounds…but no, I don’t think Howard Stern will be there. Anyway, this is one of those events that, hey, if you
happen to be in the area, might be cool to check out. But I suppose that’s the problem since it’s not particularly
easy to get to Sitka, which is located about half way between Anchorage and Seattle.