Mattress Sniffers Only

Some people think writing travel guide books must be the greatest job in the world.
Perhaps. I once had a conversation with Wayne Bernhardson who wrote for a long time for Lonely Planet - Argentina:
Uruguay & Paraguay, etc. And over a beer he told me that if my idea of “great” was rooting around third world
bathrooms and sniffing mattresses then I should go for it.

I never did, but still can’t shake the notion that writing a guide book would be cool…hey, I’m not averse to a little
mattress sniffing. Come on, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT! And so this little
caught my eye. The INSTITUTE FOR TRAVEL WRITING and PHOTOGRAPHY May 20-22, 2005. Taught by several
travel book long-timers and under $400, seems like it could be a fun and educational thing to do.