All We Are Saying, Is Give Peas A Chance!

One of the drawbacks of long trips in the back-country is that you often have to pack in your own food. Sure, you
can Rambo it, bring along your compound bow and hope to drop Bambi from 50 yards, but most of us end up just firing up
the Whisperlite, boiling up some water and pouring it into a bag of freeze dried gruel. I’ve done this my share of
times and while it’s never quite as satisfying as a Chateaubriand, the taste of pre-made food in the wild is
surprisingly pleasing, especially if you’ve been on the trail for a few days. So where is the best place to get this
kind of food? Well, why not directly from the source? Mountain House makes
some of the most popular pre-made camping meals available and you can buy right off their site. They have provided to
the US Military and to the Boy Scouts, not to mention to REI and other major outdoors stores. The pouches stand up
nicely when water is added and open easily…all key features of this type of grub. Anyway, I ate the
beef stew way
back when and was pretty surprised at how beef stewy it tasted. And try the
peas, they’re
good for you.