Brower on Film

He is one of the Olympians of the environmental movement. Loathed by some, loved by many,
and unknown to most. But if there were no David Brower, there would likely have been no 1964 Wilderness Act. There
would probably be no Sierra Club. As far fetched as it sounds, there might be no Grand Canyon (as Brower helped
prevent the canyon’s damming). 

So it makes sense, then, that there would be a film about
life and accomplishment. The film, called Monumental “documents the golden age of American
environmentalism, when Brower took the Sierra Club from a regional hiking group into a national political force”. Much
of the footage here was shot by Brower himself, who is something of a filmmaker. He, for example, documents his
1956 raft trip down Glen Canyon, before it was dammed.  A must for green-minded folk.