Fantastic New Weight-loss Plan!

Forget the hare-brained schemes of Dr. Atkins. Forget the Oprah diet and that stack of
exercise/Yoga DVDs in your living room. I have got the ideal weight-loss plan for you. Guaranteed to shave off those
unwanted pounds in just a few days. My plan is simple, but effective, and you will be very pleased with the results.
The only catch? You’re going to have to work at it. There will be no short-cuts and no surgery. It all comes down to
one word: walking. That’s right, the bain of monopeds everywhere. A
simple walk in the woods — and you must carry nothing more food-wise than a bag of gorp and a full water bottle — 
will melt away those pounds almost instantly.

So here is a site dedicated to the art of walking. There are trail
reviews, info on National and State parks, and some really superb how-to articles like
this one on how to pack for a walk in the
rain. So put down that cheeseburger and get outside. Now.