New Orleans: Voodoo and Vampires

For anyone who would like to test my
theory that New Orleans (Nola to the locals) is the most
haunted city in America, I bring tourism tips of the ghostly variety.

If a ghost hunting trip to New Orleans is on your agenda, and it’s hauntings, not luxury, you’re
after, then the Andrew Jackson Hotel is a good place to
stay. It has a genile shabbiness, inexpensive rates, a great French Quarter location, and it’s a
destination on the rounds of many of the city’s ghost tours. Apparently it’s room 207 you want. Or perhaps should

If you’d rather stay somewhere safely unhaunted and dip your toes into the paranormal on foot, there are almost as
many walking tours as hauntings to choose from. Cemetaries? Voodoo? Ghosts? Vampires? Spiritualists? Mediums? The world
of the (un)dead is your oyster. Nola is full of paranormal tour companies, so in order of my personal
preference: New Orleans Walking
New Orleans Ghost Tour; and
the The Haunted History Tour.

Finally, Haunted New Orleans is a great online resource for any area of
local lore you’d like to explore: vampires, crypts, sightings, ghost stories, murder, mayhem and a practical
tourism map are all waiting for you.