Nothing Worse than a Wet Camera

Nothing is worse than being 150 miles from a town with a camera repair shop and having your
camera get wet and break on you (OK, being devoured alive by fire ants is worse…but this is pretty bad as well). To
shoot in the wet wilderness, I’ve long brought along a dry bag to keep my gear dry, but it can be a pain to break the
thing out all the time, and keeping it dry WHILE it’s out is another matter entirely. So it’s nice to see that a few
companies are finally coming up with some solid solutions to the problem other than the bulky plastic cases that have
been around for a while. Canoe Magazine has this
on the latest offerings of water-proof or resistant cameras. 

Among the camera reviewed, I think the Sony Cybershot DSC-U60 seems the most unique in terms of design. But I’ve always disliked
that Sony is foisting a proprietary format upon us with its Memory Stick. If I had to pick among the cameras
reviewed, I’d probably go with the Olympus Stylus 400, which gets the best overall review among the bunch, even though I would
hardly call the camera “water-proof” (not does Olympus, which calls it weatherproof, ergo, not to be submerged).
Surprisingly, Nikon is a no show among the bunch.