Australia Guide

The good folks over at BootNAll have put
together a great Australia Guide that, should you be inclined to
visit the land down under, will be of great use. The guide is laid out very simply, with specific categories and a very
streamlined design. You can find information here on accomodations, culture, logistics (though conspicuously, nothing
here about how to have a shrimp on the barbie…ha ha!, oh, I kill myself. Ahem. Anyway,
there are also links to travel stories that
will have you giggling, like this one about taking a Nissan to the outback. There are also useful little bits about
Australian culture like this blurb about the Didgeridoo,
an aboriginal instrument so popular among hippie tourists (and so excruciatingly annoying to those of us who have
ever had to travel with a bozo who was trying to lean to play one). If I have one complaint about the site, it’s
the apparent scarcity of photographs of any kind. Other than that, kudos for a nicely done, useful site.