Choose Well…But Choose

No matter who you choose today, we can all go to the polls knowng that both candidates are
avid outdoorsmen. And for this…I think…we should be grateful. Bush, of course, has always made more of his
chainsawing skills than his ability to knock off
a 5.10. Meanwhile Kerry, an avid kiteboarder and
windsurfer, does come across sometimes as the kind of guy
who’s more concerned about the brand of fleece he’s wearing than the challenge at hand. But hey, at least neither
of them are Howard Taft, who couldn’t wiggle his a$# into a kayak with a shoehorn. So as you go to the polls today
to vote for our next Commander-in-Chief, keep in mind that you are making history. And if the results don’t go the way
you want…well, you can always move to Europe.