Culinary Delights in the Outback

Doug Gantenbein, an experienced outdoors adventurer and freelance journalist, gives
Food for Thought in a great article
on eating well when packing lightly.

We all know that cooking in Mother Nature’s kitchen can be a challenge when you’re carrying everything but the
kitchen sink (including the stove) on your back. But Doug makes the good point that if your cooking skills are awful at
home, you can’t expect results on a mountaintop to be any better.

By learning to cook well (or at least palatably), you’ll know more about ingredients and have a better idea of how
to make good food for eating well outdoors. If you know how to make pancakes, for example, you can
measure out the dry ingredients you’ll need for each portion at home, and add water and oil on site for a campfire
breakfast. (I actually got out my kitchen scales for y’all: a cup of flour weighs 4.8 ounces, so Doug’s pancakes come
in at 7.2 ounces and should be enough for two people.)