Molvania Satire Guide – Laughing My A*& Off

Brilliant. Nothing short of genius. Sort of like The Daily Show meets Lonely Planet,
take a look at these soon-to-be released-in-the-US fake
from Jetlag Press. The series features such exotic locales as
Molvania, A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry, and Viva San Sombrero, Central America’s Forgotten
. And Getting Round the Tofu Islands. Or what about Surviving Moustaschistan… oh man,
I’m dying.

The site features historical background, “useful” facts, a section on culture and entertainment recommendations…if
ever there was a concept I wish I’d thought of, this is it. The gallery section has a photograph (where did they get
this stuff?) of fishermen stuffing a tube down a fish’s mouth with the caption: “Despite being a land-locked country,
Molvanians love their seafood. Here a fisherman from Lake Vjaza checks his catch for mercury levels.”

Wait, here’s another from the “background” section:

The Middle Ages saw Molvania invaded by numerous armies, including the Goths, Tatars, Turks, Huns, Balts, Lombards
and even a surprisingly militant band of Spanish nuns, before Molvania’s first king and patron saint
Fyodor I, set about unifying his country by killing off as many of its citizens as he
could. Those not murdered or imprisoned were forced into teaching.

I predict this series will be a hit, especially among those of us who have spent too many damn hours reading the
oft-stilted prose of travel guides.