Space Oddity

I mentioned in an earlier post
that if there is one trip that a truly engaged traveler would want to take it is a trip to space. This was in the
context of the news made by SpaceShipOne who captured the X-Prize earlier this month. Well, flying into space any time
soon is probably unlikely. BUT, you can get
. There is still an opportunity to experience weightlessness. Zero Gravity
., based in Dania Beach, Florida, is the first company to receive government approval to offer weightless
acrobatic flights in the United States. Remember those scenes from Apollo 13 with Hanks and Co. floating around before
complaining to Houston about their problems? Those were shot in a plane like the one you can use here. It ain’t cheap,
however. Looks like the cost of losing ALL your weight, while still cheaper than a few weeks at Jenny Craig will
still set you back almost three grand.