Apocalypse How?

By copter, boat and ski.

So you’re one of those addicts who knows EVERY SINGLE LINE from Apocalypse Now. Right? “They teach young men to drop
FIRE on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write F&#% on their airplanes, because it’s obscene.”
Well, if you’re an AN addict, then here’s is your
ideal engaged adventure. The trip
is guided by Indochina expert Peter O’Sullivan, a BBC correspondent. You ride jeeps through the streets of Ho Chi Minh
City (Love you long time!). Then, with your best scratchy Martin Sheen voice in your head (how many clicks?) up
the Mekong river by motorboat. Who will be there to terminate with extreme prejudice? No idea. But oh,
you’ll water-ski to the Stones, and hopefully take out a village in your team of copters with Wagner blaring
through massive speakers welded to the side of the copters. Maybe you’ll surf, but not with your friend Charlie. In
fact, leave him at home.