Michael Palin is God

There are only a few true comedic gods out there…everyone has their own pantheon, as it were. Sitting atop the
throne of my pantheon…or at least in a comfy chair thereabouts…is Michael Palin. I love Palin not only for his work
with Monty Python, but also for his travel series Pole to Pole, Full Circle, Around the World in 80 Days, etc. I met
Palin in Thailand several years ago, and he’s a downright cool dude. And so it was great to see that
he’s filmed a new series on the Himalayas that goes from the Khyber Pass
to the mouth of the Ganges River in six shows. The travelogues aired in England on BBC1, and DVDs can be ordered from
Amazon UK starting November
22.  No word yet on when/if they’ll be aired in the US, although I would imagine they MUST be. Either way, I’m
keeping my eye out and might just buy the DVD.