Falling (Literally) for Spain

Lots of great things come to mind when I think of
Spain. I lived there for four months a couple of years ago and my memory swarms with wonderful images of her beautiful
women, the elegant, tree-lined streets, the haunted-seeming castles that loom on the countryside. And the food! Don’t
get me started on the food. I still dream of one particular Paella consumed with a bottle of fino in Valencia. But one
thing that has never come to mind when I think of Spain is skydiving. So it was odd for me to come across

this article
and to reconcile familiar notions of driving along the countryside with less familiar ones of falling
towards it. Falling at very high rates of speed. Falling as if you’re going to die.

It turns out that you can take a one week course in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), and thereafter be able to freefall
dive anywhere in the world. What once took weeks of training and many dives, now takes just a week. The British company
that does this is called Skydive Zone and located in Spain and
Florida (of course, Florida!). The AFF course runs over two grand, but hey, if jumping out of planes is your thing and
you don’t want to pussyfoot around, go for it. What’s the worse that can happen? You can only die.