Freefall: Skydiving School

If the idea of a 120 mph freefall appeals to you, than Eloy, AZ just may be your
Mecca. Fifty miles from Pheonix, it’s the home of Skydive Arizona, the country’s most established skydiving school – a
skydiving resort, even – and a destination for skydiving students, licensed divers, and the tourists who come
to watch the colourful skies.

On of the advantages Skydive Arizona offers is a year-round facility, allowing students to enroll in skydiving
school whenever they can. A tandem jump doesn’t require special training, though due to flight and wind
conditions, it can take up to four hours. Training to jump out of a plane all on your own, however, takes six to eight
hours, usually with a same-day jump. If you want an entire skydiving vacation, you can have that,
too: Skydive Arizona’s Accelerated Student Program lasts five days, includes all equiptment, instruction and 12
jumps, and costs from $1315.